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RFQ- for Rehabilitation and installation of Solar system-Chamtal dist.
نوم   Assadullah Mahjour نیټه   2019-09-05
ټلیفون   0093788908008 ولایت   ننگرهار
د شرکت نوم   International Medical Corps (IMC)
د سیمی نوم   Nangarhar
  زما ګرد خبرتیاوي ( 10) دي. د ټولو د لیدلو لپاره دلته کلیک وکړۍ.
بیه   افغانی څرنګوالی  اړتیا لرم کټګوري   نوری
Request for Quotation for Complementary Winterized assistance ( 945 winter kit) for Jalalabad IMC office,

Note: All interested vendors must visit our Kabul & Jalalabad offices for physical Check of winter Kit samples. In Case the company not physically check our samples the offer will not consider in bidding process.

Address1: Kabul Address: 6th Street of Qalaifatullah Dist#10 infront of Kabora University Kabul Afghanistan.

Address : Jalalabad office Address ( Angoor Bagh Square, Street No-1, Sector No-2, Jalalabad City, Nangarhar Province, Afghanistan),

For more information and documents please refer to ACBAR website.
1297 9013