Frequently asked questions
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1. How can I update or delete my ad?

You can find the link for updating and deleting your ad in the email you get from us when your ad is published.

2. If I delete my ad unintentionally, what should I do to bring it back?

After deleting your ad you will get an email from us, Send that email back to us within two days, then we will recover your ad. Otherwise your ad will be deleted forever.

3. How do I avoid people calling me, after that I have sold the assets that I had advertised?

You can delete your ad via the link in the email you get from us.

4. I inserted an ad but it was not published, I want to know why?

Maybe your ad is not according to Amtaa's term of use
Maybe you have not confirmed your ad by SMS

5. For how long will my ad be visible on Amtaa?

The ads will be visible and searchable on Amtaa for a period of two months. If you want your ad to be visible on Amtaa for a longer period, you can update your ad via the email you get from us when your ad is published for the first time.

6. How can I confirm my ad in order to be published?

Send us a text message (SMS) from the phone number which you have mentioned in your ad.
Write your Name in the SMS and send it to : 0778207782