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Security trainner ترینر در بخش های امنیتی کمپنی ها و دفاتر شخصی
نوم   Muhib نیټه   2016-06-11
ټلیفون   0787825801 ولایت   کابل
د سیمی نوم   Shar Naw
بیه   ډالر څرنګوالی  معلوماتی کټګوري   خدمتی چاری
we are providing security training for local security guards anywhere in Afghanistan, with 7 years experience in this field.
Security guard training - course content:

Introduction to the Roles and Responsibilities of Security Guards.
Escort or drive motor vehicle to transport individuals
Basic Security Procedures
Emergency and First Aid
Fire arms
Self defense
First Aid
IED awareness
Search techniques
Communication and basic radio operation
Arrest and Restraint
3898 6146