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RFQ for Drilling of 55 Borehole
Name   International Medical Courps Date   2018-06-14
Phone   0789294461 Province   Kunar
Region   Kunar province Marawara district
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Price   AFN Type  I Need Category   Construction Material
Request for Quote reference No: RFQ-06003KBL2018

Subject or Title: Drilling of 55 Borehole in Marawara District of Kunar province

International Medical Corps (IMC) is a global Humanitarian non-profit organization dedicated to saving lives and relieving suffering by providing health care, training and medical relief programs worldwide working in Afghanistan for over 20 years.

Dear Vendors,

On behalf International Medical Corps (IMC) Afghanistan Program, I am kindly requesting quotation for Drilling of 55 Borehole in Marawara District of Kunar province , under OFDA WASH project as per attached RFQ, Bid, Specification+ drawing & BoQ.

Questions / Clarification requests:
Should you have questions about this Request for Quote, please contact us via e-mail at amahjour@internationalmedicalcorps.org

I. Request for Quotation – Administration

Response Deadline:
- Quotations must be provided no later than 4pm 25th June 2018. Quotations received after the stated deadlines are considered invalid, but exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis.

Source Selection Criteria:
- Based on the Lowest Price Technically Acceptable Source Selection Process, an award will be made to the Bidder submitting the lowest evaluated price that meets or exceeds the technical acceptability standards while respecting determined delivery timelines.
- Similar Experience: all respected bidder who would like to bid, should present similar work experience documents.
- Financial Capability: Company will show at least 30% of total project financial features with support of bank statements.

- Machinery: Company will manage at least 6 Drilling Machines from start to end of project.
- Work Force: company must have enough technical staff during implementation of project in the targeted areas.
- Physical survey: All interested companies most physical and technical check and survey the targeted areas stated in technical documents attached with this RFQ.
- Prior bank guarantee: Selected Company for this bidding will request for total project 10% bank guarantee, prior to process for procurement.
- Technical capability is evaluated by how well the proposed items or services meet the minimum technical specifications set forth in this RFQ. (see attached list)

Quotation Validity:
- The Quotation should be valid 6 Months from the RFQ due date. If this is not possible, please quote your best quote validity timeframe.
- The Quotation includes, but is not limited to cost, pricing, terms and conditions, service levels, and all other information. If your company is awarded the contract, all information in the RFQ and negotiation process is contractually binding.

Submission instruction:
a. Quotations must be submitted:
- Hand delivered or via courier service in a sealed envelope placed into the tender-specific box against receipt. Submission of offers should be done at the following address:

Kabul Office:
Mohammad Hakim Rahimi Logistics Assistant Kabul Office house#11, Str# 6, Dist#10 QalayFatullah
Contact #: +93 (0) 782 186 867
Jalalabad Office:
Muhammad Sadiq: Angoor Bagh square, 1st Street (Rahim Ghamzada Street) beside Alokozai Store Sector#2, Jalalabad city, Nangarhar Afghanistan.
Contact Mobile #: +93(0) 789 74 50 95

You are required to submit signed and dated offers on the RFQ provided by requester. Any other/necessary information can be submitted in to your company letterhead.
In case of submission in a sealed envelope, the outside of the envelope must clearly note the RFQ reference number.
We will not be held responsible if an envelope sent without a legible RFQ reference number is mistakenly opened and thus disqualified.

b. To be eligible, Quotations must:
- Provide full, accurate and complete information as required by this solicitation and its attachments, including any certifications attached.
- Be submitted on requester letterhead and signed by the authorized company officer.
- It is recommended that the price schedules be copied on Bidder’s letterhead.

c. As a minimum, offers must show:
- The RFQ reference number;
- The name, addresses (street, email, other), and telephone number of the Bidder;
- A detailed technical description /specification of the items being offered in sufficient detail to evaluate compliance with the requirements in the solicitation. This may include product literature, or other documents, if necessary;
- Terms of any offer related warranty;
- “Remit to”/”Submit to” address, if different than mailing address;
- Confirmation of acceptance of Request for Quote Terms and Conditions.

Price offer:
- You will find in the document attached the list of items/services your company is required to bid for. You should address each item in the similar sequential order.
- Price must include any discount terms, transportation and insurance costs, applicable;
- Price offer should meet requirements set in b. and c.

Partial quotation:
- International Medical Corps [will/will not] considers a partial quotation, depends on IMC decision.

Vendor registration:
- All vendors must register with International Medical Corps prior to being awarded a contract.
- If you are not already an International Medical Corps registered vendor, please provide information/documentation as listed on the attached Vendor Registration Form, and confirmation of adherence to International Medical Corps standard Terms and Conditions and Vendor Code of Conduct by returning those documents filled and signed.
- Note that for certain category of supplies, International Medical Corps may require a physical inspection prior to considering your company as registered.

Payment Terms:
International Medical Corps intends to award a firm fixed-price purchase order or contract as a result of this RFQ with payment terms minimum 5 days from delivery and acceptance of the goods ordered at the location specified. If this is not possible, please quote your best payment terms.

Invoices supplied to International Medical Corps should clearly indicate:
- Purchase Order/Contract/ Work Order number

Special Instruction:
- Please clearly state availability of the required certificates if available.

Intent to bid confirmation:
- We would appreciate if you could confirm in writing your intent to participate in this tender following receipt of this Request for Quote.

Delivery Timeline:
Please quote your best delivery timeline for the entire procurement. If all goods cannot be delivered within the agreed time and date as per the date of order. INTERNATIONAL MEDICAL CORPS [will/will not]accept split shipments.

III. Request for Quotation - Quality control

Quality requirements:
- Please refer to technical specification attached with RFQs
Required certificates:
All Work will certify by related GoA Provincial offices, related community authorities and IMC technical/engineer

For RFQ soft copies please contact ACBAR.org web sites
3643 6601