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Web Designing & Database Development
Name   Web Designing Date   2017-05-21
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Company   Web Designing
Region   Kabul
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Web designing & Development
Hosting & domain registration
Web hosting (Linux & Windows)
Email hosting
Domain registration
Web design & development
Static website
Dynamic website
SEO (Search engine optimization)
E-commerce solution
Database development
Database design
Database development and programming
Database integration and conversion
Database management and administration
Database maintenance and support
Internet marketing
Email marketing
Social media marketing
SMS marketing

Web designing
Professional website designing
Our professional and talented team of graphic designer are highly qualified and experienced.
Design of your website is one of the most fundamental components of your business success. In most cases you have few seconds to impress your customers / visitors with your design and professionalism, after that they will make a decision to observe further through your site.
We Design Your Business
Whether you are a very small business or a very huge corporate, our imaginative company can help you to attain an online presence that delivers the very best for you and your clients. If your objective is to provide information, products or web applications such as online real estate websites, online channel shop or search based sites we can make sure that the visitors enjoy with an informative, our motivation is user-friendly and interactive knowledge fully sites.
Our team convey high quality web designing service, we always e exceeding our client’s expectations. Each with exclusive ability to make creative web site designs and all type of logo designing
Web development
Effective websites deliver on their potential
An effective website must be focused upon the requirements of your business and your clients. This is very important what your clients and prospects need.
It takes for a site visitor to get what they desire from your website; the more likely they are to leave without ordering or engaging with you.
Effective websites should:
Be likely
Focused just about your clients
Easy to provide information
Deliver on their promises
We deliver an effective website for all types of business
We focused your business strategy and website goals
We are making your brand great promotions online
We are giving you credibility through great designs
We are giving you complete control through a powerful content management system
Best web development is more comprehensive than that includes developing applications to facilitate make your website more attractive.
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طراحی وب سایت
طراحی وب سایت های داینامیک و استاتیک حرفه ای برای ادارات و ارگانهای دولتی و غیر دولتی ، شرکت های تجارتی،
سیاحتی و زیارتی ، موسسات و دانشگاه ها ، مدارس دولتی و خصوصی
و طراحی سایت های خبری، سیاسی،علمی و فرهنگی
جهت معرفی شما ، شرکت تان و اجناس تولیدی شما به سراسر دنیا
فروش هاست و دومین با قیمت های مناسب (ویندوز و لینکس)
فروش دومین با کلیه پسوند های موجود
ثبت/ فروش هاست و فعال سازی ایمیل شما به زود ترین فرصت
افزایش رتبه سایت شما در موتور های جسجتوگر مانند گوگل، بینگ و یاهو
طراحی و برنامه نویسی وب سایت به زبان های معروف
وب سایت های تجارت الکترونیک (معاملات آنلاین )
طراحی و ساخت دیتابیس ها
بازاریابی ذریعه انترنت
بازاریابی ذریعه شبکه های اجتماعی
بازاریابی ذریعه ایمیل
شمارهای تماس:
0706 181 836, 0799 144 148
[email protected]
[email protected]
4276 3484